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Pets Cooling Mat

Pets Cooling Mat

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Keep your furry friend cold during hot summer days. This mat absorbs and dissipates heat from your pet's body, providing a refreshing experience.


Sophisticated Cooling Technology

This mat excels at absorbing and dissipating heat from your pet's body. Transform any shaded area into a chill out place.

Tailored Comfort for Every Breed

The Pets Cooling Mat comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate all breeds. Your pet, whether big or small, can experience the blissful coolness of our mat. Choose the perfect size to ensure your beloved companion enjoys maximum comfort.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Enjoy the convenience of easy cleaning and maintenance. Wipe the mat down with a damp cloth or rinse it under running water to keep it in pristine condition. A hassle-free solution to ensure your pet's comfort remains a top priority.

Prioritize Your Pet's Well-Being

This summer, prioritize your pet's well-being with our Pets Cooling Mat. Treat your furry companion to the ultimate in cool comfort because they deserve nothing but the best!

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👇Dimensions & specifications👇


This mat is made from non-toxic materials. The outer shell is made of soft and breathable polyester fabric which os cozy and easy to clean.It also features a gel-filled core. The gel is designed to absorb and dissipate heat, providing a cool surface for your pet to lie on


This product is available for dogs and cats.

We offer six different sizes, althought consider buying a bigger one so your furry friend can lay down.

S :50*40cm (19.6*15.7 in) ≤ 2,5 kg

M :62*50cm (24.4*19.6 in) ≤ 7,5 kg

L :70*55cm (27.5*21.6 in) ≤ 15 kg

XL:100*70cm (39.3* 27.5 in) ≤ 40 kg

Care instructions

1. Regular Cleaning:

  • Wipe down the mat with a damp cloth to remove dirt, fur, and other debris. Regular cleaning prevents the mat from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and keeps it fresh for your pet to use.

2. Deep Cleaning:

  • For a more thorough cleaning, rinse the mat under running water. Use a mild soap or pet-friendly detergent to remove stubborn stains. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the mat's cooling properties.

3. Sunlight and Storage:

  • While the mat is designed to withstand heat, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight might affect its cooling efficiency over time. Store the mat indoors or in a shaded area when not in use. Avoid folding the mat for extended periods, as this could damage its structure.

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